Hola amigos!

Welcome to the ROQUICHIC world. A place designed exclusively for our canine friends.

In ROQUICHIC you will find saloons dedicated to the well-being of your furry friends WHATEVER THEIR SIZE OR RACE. The transparency of our spaces, hygienic, totally  open and visible from the outside, are the main guarantee of respect and careful treatment.

We only have one target: 

may your dogs be happier.

A very clean and well treated puppy is a most beloved puppy, who receives more love and proximity from all, is a happier dog.

The work of our stylists, our accessories and the food that we offer compy with our philosophy: 

high quality service at a good price.

Our desire is to be closer and closer to you, so we will inform you about the new ROQUICHIC salons we open

ROQUICHIC already open  



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